Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Listen to Both Sides, Don't Be Biased

 Take a moment and watch this video, All I want is parents to be informed of whats in the vaccines that they are about to allow the Doctors to give their children. Please feel free to share.

Thank you for your time!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What Are In Our Vaccines ? Anyone!

Over the past few days I have received some comments on Facebook, about how good vaccines are and how they have saved many of lives. This may be true, but they also have hurt and caused deaths to many.

I know in my last blog I said I was going to talk about the over 20 vaccines that a required before the age of 4, My focused has changed for this post, we are actually going to discuss whats in the vaccines, and why they are making people sick.

So we are all told vaccines are safe, and are injected to protect us from diseases and certain sickness, but do you know what's inside these vaccines?

Vaccines are made of many harsh chemicals, for example Aluminum, Mercury, Formaldehyde and detergents, plus many other chemicals which all cause cancers, tumors, autism, and other medical issues including death. Our bodies house these toxin chemicals and in return these chemicals damage our bodies and brains.

Here is a great link that gives you the break down of what is in each vaccine, Its the most up to date breakdown that I can find online;,

Now I hope you clicked the link and took a look through the pages, even if it was a quick glance you did, you would realize that almost every vaccine contains Aluminium, and Formaldehyde. These two chemicals are so toxic and here we are injecting our children with them.

Every vaccination is manufactured with the same volume and concentration in which is administered to adults and children, its not made for each child's needs, with saying this how do you know how much your body or your child's body can handle of each of these chemicals. For example a 2 month baby and I get all the recommended vaccines for a 2 month old. I have no reactions to the vaccines, but for the baby the build up of the Aluminum was just to much for its little body and now is suffering with seizures.

All I am trying to say is; what may not hurt one person may hurt or kill the next, so how do we fix it so that vaccines are truly safe, or safer ? Lets green the vaccine and take out the ingredients that cause all these life threatening side effects. Can the government and pharmaceutical companies do this?  I wish I had an answer for that.

Here are some links with evidence based information on how vaccines and or their chemical make up can and will cause health issues

Over the past few days I did however find a homeopathic vaccine that shows that it works and is clean from harsh chemicals that will not leave our children with long term side effects. Who knows this might be the happy medium for everyone. You can check out this natural vaccine by clicking on this link; 

Yes my children were vaccinated, they have most of their required ejections, but if I would have known what I know now, I would have never even let them have one till they were old enough to make the choice themselves.  My youngest one is 4 and will not receive anymore vaccination. After her 18 month vaccinations we noticed a change in her behavior, she was more aggressiveness and more unstable, people actually would say to me how is Sybil today as that is how quick her attitude would change. Over the past few years she has since mellowed out a bit but she just is not the same child after that last vaccine. My second youngest is 5 and will not receive anymore either, as we also noticed a change in him after his last vaccination. He started to stumble on his words and became very clumsy, and would often get lost in his thoughts and would have a hard time getting his thoughts out. We are told know that he has DCD ( Developmental Coordination Disorder). Is this a reaction to vaccines nobody knews at this time.  As for my two older children who are girls will not get the HB or the HPV shot till they decide when and if they want it.

Our family is against vaccinations, as I am sure there are many others who are. For those who are all for vaccinations that is great, but please be informed before you vaccinate, read the articles and ask the questions, don't just assume that they are all good just because a Dr says so.

Here is some more links for more you to check out to help make a more informed decision on vaccinating or not to vaccinate.

Thank you all for reading my views and checking out the resources that I was able to provide for you.

Stay tuned as the next post will be part 2 of vaccinations.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vaccinations! Are They More Harm Then Good

Last Friday I had a incredible day with my daughter. She was suppose to go to school that day, but she was not feeling well and wanted to stay home. That is also the day that they were doing Hepatitis vaccinations, which we opted out of.

My daughter knew that if she was staying home she will be having a lesson at home of some sort, as we use to be homeschoolers. So I decided to talk about vaccinations and how they could be good but how toxic they really are.

We went and got some lunch, brought it back home and clicked on this link; . It was a link to a  documentary on vaccinations and how they effect our children. It was fate I swear that day, as it was also the last day that it was free to watch. If you click the link now, you will see a 2 minute trailer of the documentary.

As we sat there and watched this documentary I could not help but feel like I was lied to all these years, and how aweful I felt. I had my kids vaccinated and subjected them to these toxic cocktails; up until last year when my husband and I decided no more. This can not be good in the long run, and here I sit trying to get more parents informed before they vaccinate their children.

How these vaccinations can do more harm then good. These vaccines are filled with toxic chemicals that cause cancers, tumors, autism, diabetes, and hearing/vision loss and the list goes on and on.

I started this post a few days ago and here I sit finding more and more information about side effects of vaccinations that I actually feel overwhelmed and want to scream at these Doctors.  They are trying to jam these vaccination into our babies as fast as they can, STOP!  I just want them to stop and ask the parents do you know the possible side effects, but instead we get told that they are safe and we believe them as they wouldn't tell us anything different as they are the Dr, and they know what is best, right?

Well that's where we are wrong, we as parents need to realize that money rules our world, and the pharmaceutical companies have the world wrapped around its sweet needle ejection hands. You got to remember every vaccination that the Dr. gives he gets money for, and some Dr's do not even know about all the side effects. So as parent we need to do the research and don't be afraid to ask questions to your doctor, nurses, other parents, and find the information to make an educated choice for you and your family.

Over the next few weeks I will do series of blog posts dedicated to vaccinations; to help parents find the information that they need before they get their children vaccinated.

Within the next day or two I will post my first of the series in which I will discuss the over 20 vaccinations that you are required to administer to your children before the age of 4. I know you will be disgusted and overwhelmed as I was.

Thank you for reading